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Ting Tings, Black Moth Super Rainbow, MGMT

In Music on September 28, 2008 at 2:37 pm


Walk through the gates, grab a free bright colored towel, and run for your life.  If this sounds familiar then you have been to a concert at McCarren park pool.  Sadly, this past year is supposedly the last year they are going to use the pool as a venue for live music, out door theatre, and movie spot and they are going to turn it  back into a community pool.  McCarren Park Pool is known for putting on some of the best concerts in the NYC metro area.  Not only are a lot of the concerts rockin but (another perk of living in the city) tons of these shows are free.


Its sad to think about the pool actually being filled up with water instead of indie hipsters.  This past summer had a ridiculous line up.  Unfortunately I only made it to one of the Sunday Pool Party shows but, in my opinion, it was the best one.


The Ting Tings opened up and kicked some major tunes my way.  At one point there were 3 young men jump roping on stage while Kate White, lead singer, played a large drum with a malet.  It was impossible not to jump around and I was not the only one feelin it.  After waiting about an hour for a storm to pass the Ting Tings were well worth the delay.  






The Black Moth Super Rainbow hit the stage next with a super sleepy, extra short mix.  By the time I came back from visiting the most disgusting port-a-potties in the world, black moth was playing their last song and I could not have been more excited about it.  I do enjoy me some Black Moth but I prefer a bath tub and a glass of wine while they are playing rather than a rainy unruly crowd and a plastic cup of beer.







To close out the show MGMT rocked my mind, body and soul.  The band members all had on 70’s style outfits which helped get everybody into the groove before they even played.  The show surpassed my expectations and my expectations were pretty high.  As if it could get any better MGMT played Kids for their encore song.  There is a small line between amazingness and so good I want to take my clothes off and jump around like a mad person, and I was ready to cross it.


Naked by David Sedaris

In Literature on September 28, 2008 at 2:12 pm


First, I have to admit that I am a new fan of David Sedaris, I have arrived a little late to this train but at least I am on it!  


You know those creepy people that talk to themselves or laugh at nothing on the subway?  Pick up a David Sedaris book and you suddenly become one of those people, at least in this case you have a book to hide behind.


Naked is named after the last chapter of the book where he goes on vacation at a nudist colony, it is an interesting and provocative  book and I loved it!  Please dont be fooled.  The book doenst just offer side splitting laughter, Sedaris goes into detail about his families struggles and dealing with the death of his mother.  Oddly enough, my favorite quote from this book is during one of those serious moments.


“You can’t brace yourself for famine if you’ve never known hunger; it is foolish to even try.”  If you enjoy well written books, witty humor, and have come from a weird family (lets face it who hasnt?) then David is your man.

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

In Literature on September 28, 2008 at 2:11 pm

Me Talk Pretty One Day is a true Gem.  Published in 2000 it is by far one of David’s funniest works.  What amazes me is just when you think he has just about covered it all he continues to have new, hilarious stories about his family, love life, work experience, etc.  Me Talk Pretty One Day is about his experiences in speech class, his families dynamics including fathers weird quirks, and his love life.  This book, in my opinion, and raises the bar for all of his other works.  

“Stealing wallets was nothing to be proud of, but I like being thought of as cunning and professional.”


Hilarious, captivating, and clever, well worth the $10.