Salvador Dali takes up the MOMA… finally!

In Art on October 1, 2008 at 11:44 pm

A huge fan of Salvador Dali, I was ecstatic to hear that the MOMA would have an entire exhibit dedicated to the Spanish Catalan surrealist painter.  The collection included pieces from 1904-1989, a majority of the 4th floor of the MOMA was filled with Dali’s films, sketches, paintings and sculptures.  It was a droolfest for Dali admirers and it was packed with onlookers from start to finish.  In order to get a close look of the pieces one had to be willing to push, shove, drop the shoulder and take down some unlucky tourists.  I brought my game face and dove in full force.  It was a dream, a mirage of Dali wonder.  Every wall was covered in magic and I was in awe. 

The only complaint I had was the exhibit didnt include my favorite work of Dali’s which is called “Swans Reflecting Elephants.”  Inspite of my missing fav. the exhibit was insane to see firsthand and I hope you, the readers, got your chance.


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