The Dodos are hot.

In Music on October 1, 2008 at 7:06 pm

Monday, September 29th, I went to see the Dodos at Spiegelworld. 

Yes I agree, Spiegelworld is a weird name and although it sounds, and looks, like some sort of strange circus it is actually a pretty incredibly sweet spot to hang out.  The view of Manhattan’s bridges is ridiculous and the options for activities at S-world are all good choices.  A visitor to “the world of Speigel” could dance, eat, drink, sit and stare at the sites and/or attend a concert or theatrical performance depending on the night.  Oh! and I cant forget to mention the comfy hammock seats they offer those who wish to sit and stare.


Au opened up for The Dodos.  I had not heard anything Au had done before this eve and they blew me away.  Au is the work of multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland and an interchangable cast of musicians.  Luke’s ear wrenching mixture of beautiful piano and leg thumping drums, coupled with his curious vocals (he sings any where from sweet sounding ballads to screaming and screetching) has made Au a very popular band in Portland, Oregon where Luke is from.

“We were worried about you guys getting your 20 bucks worth, but Au made sure of that just by showing up.”  -Meric Long lead singer and guitarist for The Dodos


I have only been into The Dodos for a month and so I was very excited to see them live.  Something changes a persons opinion when they see a band live, it basically makes or breaks their listening relationship with the band.  My listening relationship with The Dodos is still intact.  So very much intact that I want to listen to them until my ears bleed and I dream about their songs in the middle of the day.  The duo killed it.  I am a huge fan of heavy drums and clever lyrics therefore, The Dodos are right up my alley.  I highly recommend checkin them out.




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