The Women

In Screen on October 1, 2008 at 11:11 pm

A much anticipated remake of the 1939 film The Women in which a wealthy woman is unaware her husband is having an affair with “the spritzer girl,” the 2008 version of The Women was clever and funny.  Not funny in the “I might just pee myself funny” but funny in the “hmm that was silly I just kinda laughed funny.” 

When you ask others what they thought of the film they might say it was cute, fun, a great movie for sisters or close friends and they are spot on.  With one scene as an exception, the movie didnt captivated.  It was predictable and some what a cliche, but if you are in the mood for entertainment in which you dont have to think too much and you just happen to be passing by the theatre with your closest girlfriends this is your film.


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