Vampires out in daylight

In Music on October 1, 2008 at 8:26 pm


Vampire Weekend June 2007
Vampire Weekend June 2007


Vampire Weekend was out in the daylight this 2008 season, kickin’ off the central park summer stage and so were the raindrops.  Those who stuck it out through the thunderous downpour were left not only sopping wet and muddy but glad they were sopping wet and muddy.  Dubbed the “Trust Fund Frat Rock” group by a fellow musician, these Afro-pop prepsters know how to get a crowd dancing.  And once you start dancing and stop staring at the stage you forego the uneasy feeling that it looks like you are rocking out to a Disney World Collaboration.  Vampire Weekend was a cheery rainbow worth the torrential agony of the stormy weather and prior performer. 

True to her name, Kid Sister was annoying and quite intruding of an otherwise good time.  Her vocals were bursts of noise through gasps of air and the poor thing was strangely placed in a show of young indie boppers.  The Kid lacked stamina and the booing, practically tomato throwing, crowd was not aiding her performance either.  The only drawing feature of her stage time were the live mannequins who posed robotically around the platform with their bleached fohawks and technicolor getups. 

Before the puzzling performance of Kid Sister, the Born Ruffians took the stage to open the show.  The three piece indie rock band from Ontario, Canada forged their toe-tapping tunes through the drizzle and served as a delicious appetizer.


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