Laugh with me, shout, scream.

In Music on October 5, 2008 at 2:38 pm

“Like O, Like H in your gut.”  It felt like I waited a lifetime for this concert to arrive.  I had anticipated seeing them play live ever since the first time I heard “Where does the Good Go.”  

They have a gift.  A gift that not every talented musician has.  They make me want to cry.  There are those who are great at playing their instruments, singing, and putting on a good show and then there are some that have all the aforementioned characteristics plus they write music that tears at your soul. 

Tegan and Sara and band

Tegan and Sara make me want to lay on the floor and pound my fists into the wall to every word they sing.  When I listen to them it feels like they have been inside my heart these long 24 years and now finally someone is telling my story.  “when I was 8 I was sure I was growing nerves.”  

On their latest album, The Con, Tegan and Sara take you to a strange place.  Their songs are catchy enough to want to dance to but when you pay attention to the lyrics it stops you in your tracks, but only for a second.  Their lyrics stir up my emotions, every single one off The Con pings me in one way or another.  The music they play takes me to a whole different place.  I could be on the subway and 5 minutes later realize I have just been pounding the ground with my foot to the drums in “Nineteen”. Its so good I dont even mind infringing on my neighbors space.  Not only is their music bananas but their style is too.  


It is well known, if you are a Tegan and Sara fan, that seeing them live is a truly unique, mirthless, perhaps life making, time.  You are provided with comic relief in between songs as the Canadian born twins recall certain stories from their past, and its only fair that they try and make us laugh after they play song after song of tear invoking tunes.  I saw them this past May and it is still the best concert I have ever been to.  Their stage presence is ridiculous. They interact with their crowd and are hilarious while doing it.  It was once said in an interview that they dont play any of their old songs that they don’t feel are relevant to them today, and it shows. Tegan and Sara are back in town today and tomorrow at Terminal 5, go see them if you have the chance.


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