Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance

In Literature on October 20, 2008 at 7:46 am

“It’s a fine line between clever and stupid.. Yesterday I was clever.  Beautiful notes flotaed from my fingers up towards the heavens.  Today I was a wimp. Soft. Limp. Tasteful.  Where did I go wrong? What were my crimes?”  The Union Hall Basement, home to concerts, readings, magic shows, spelling bees etc, is a small, dark room decorated with random old paintings that makes you feel like you have just walked into a great aunt’s spooky living-room, minus the furniture.  

The erie portraits and stale aroma of the joint can set up a book reading better than light dimmers and comfy chairs.  I had barely heard of Dean Wareham and his bands Galaxie 5000 and Luna, but I knew just from the cover of the book that it would be an interesting night.  I know, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but lets be honest everyone does, a good cover can lure you into reading a book you wouldn’t normally read.  And so here I was, standing in a dark, dank basement, squished against a couple dozen strangers, waiting to hear a reading from a guy I knew little to no background about just because of a book cover. 

Black Postcards gives the reader an inside scoop into the music industry, Dean’s recollection of growing up listening to rock-n-roll, personal struggles on the road and his family life, and a bands strife to become successful.  


Rating: PG13


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