In Screen on October 21, 2008 at 10:03 am

A biographical depiction of George W. Bush’s life.  Whether you like him or not, it just might be an interesting movie.  In theaters now.

  1. I was a bit reluctant to see this movie, but I promised a friend I would go… And was actually surprised at how good it was. I think it does capture W.’s character and doesn’t just try to dumb him down. Not to say the movie doesn’t try, and while I’m sure the scene of him crashing his car through the garbage cans and challenging his father to go “mano a mano” do reveal a lot, I don’t think we needed to reenact the pretzel-choking incident. That said, judging from other accounts of Bush insiders, the relationships limned in the movie among the Bush family and the White House principals — Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Powell, in particular — are nicely done and have a fair degree of subtlety. Anyway, if you hate Bush, you might feel the movie makes him appear too likable, and if you love Bush — the 22 percent of you out there — you might feel it goes to far in demonstrating his fecklessness.

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