“I’ll have time to break your heart”

In Music on October 22, 2008 at 5:57 pm

Combine The Police, Prince and Roxy Music and you have Tigercity.  Formed in the Fall of 2004, Tigercity has quickly become a hot ticket.  Their distinct sound has been known to “move even the spazziest of rock nerds to shake their booties(Rolling Stones).”  

 Bill Gillman, lead vocals, and Joel Ford, bassist, met during their college experience in Massachusetts in the fall. By winter of 2005 they had created their first demo.  Pretend Not to Love was released in 2007 and is an incredible sensation of smooth electro synthesizer beats bringing back that 80s sound we all embrace.

On October 21st The Studio, in Webster Hall, opened up its first night with a free show from Tigercity.  After several minutes of mic checks and equipment set up the band was ready and so were we.  Squeezing in a handful of songs off the 2007 EP and two freshly recorded songs from their not yet named album, Tigercity filled up the small Studio underneath Webster Hall with music induced flailing, head knods, and lots of tapping feet.  Great show, good band, my only complaint: no time for Tigercity to play “Are You Sensation?”

  1. No time to play “Are You Sensation?” What? Was there a curfew? Did they have something better to do? Dammit all to hell! I didn’t go, but I want my money back now! Okay, okay. I’m over it. I’ll be sure to yell it out repeatedly when I see them next time.

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