“Being cool was more or less his job”

In Literature on October 24, 2008 at 8:17 am

6,557 miles, two and a half weeks, 600 CDs and one man make Killing Yourself to Live one of the best books about death I have ever read.  That might not be saying much, as I have read maybe 5 books about death, but trust me Killing Yourself to Live is good.  

Chuck Klosterman takes the reader along as his traveling companion as he embarks on a curious roadtrip about rock-n-roll and death.  His mission:  to understand why one of the best career moves a rockstar can make is to die.  “Somewhere at some point, somehow, somebody decided that death equals credibility.”

The reader suddenly becomes Chuck’s confidante as he reveals his partying, love life issues, family stories and rock-n-roll legends who have met their demise.  Published in 2005, Killing Yourself to Live is, in my opinion, a masterful piece of witty nonfiction, pop-culture literature.


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