Long Live the Screen-print!

In Art, Fashion on October 25, 2008 at 10:06 am

Appearing in the west around the early 1700’s, hundreds of years after its origination in China, screen-printing didn’t become popular until the Andy Warhol phenonmenon in the 1960’s.  Almost 50 years later screen-printing is highly recognized in underground subcultures, drawing appeal from it’s “do it yourself” mentality and feel.  Unlike other methods of printing such as woodcutting and lithography, a printing press is unnecessary.  Screen(s), a squeegee, and ink are your basic essentials. The following are two independent print designers worth checking out.

Avalove, a designer from Los Angeles, takes inspiration from nature’s organic beauty and creates prints out of her poetry.  Some designs include lupin flowers, peacock feathers, and hummingbirds.  Avalove’s apparel is mostly hand sewn and is not mass produced.  She is having a sample sale today, October 25th in NYC on park avenue btw 17th and 23rd street.  Avalove will also be open at the Grand Central Holiday Market from November 15th through December 31st. 

Kevin John Gomez, a new designer out Rochester, NY,  is so fresh he currently has only one design available for purchase.  With a graphics background his prints draw attention through an abstract appearance. If you ask Kevin what the meaning of the design is he’ll say it’s up for interpretation.  Arms & Legs, his original T, is available online.  Keep your eyes open for more of his designs in the near future.

  1. who’s that slender Arms & Legs T-shirt model? he looks familiar.

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