Not Vital

In Art on October 30, 2008 at 7:34 am

8 Halves

Combining forces of life and nature to create some of

 the best surrealistic sculptures in the world is something Not Vital has done for over 20 years.  Not Vital, born in Switzerland, is

50 Snowballs

50 Snowballs

 considered to be one of the leading sculptors of today.  


The artist uses plaster, marble, gold, and silver to bring his pieces to life.  There are no boundaries, space is never an issue, at times an entire room is created into a “piece,” the lighting, walls, and floorboards all become a part art.  



 It is pieces like “8 Halves,” with the long scraggly horse legs, that give some of his work a Salvador Dali feel to it, but there is no doubt Not Vital’s work is unique and thought provoking.  

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend

 His latest participation in an exhibition featured his piece, “The Boyfriend,”  as part of London’s Frieze Art Fair this past October.


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