Team B

In Music on November 10, 2008 at 9:35 am


Combine Arcarde Fire, LCD Soundsystem, and Beirut and you have Team B. Sound unbelievable?  Agreed. This musical melting pot can be witnessed, today, November 10th, for 8 dollars at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

The group, brought together by Kelly Pratt, includes members from both Arcade Fire and Beirut. Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem is also involved and featured on drums.  The project is still in the works and has not been signed to a label, but they do have an album ready for purchase on their myspace page (it’s only 10 bucks!).  The musicianship is paramount, the vocals are grooving, and the instrumentals infiltrate various musical genres into one solid track.

After Show Thoughts:

Union Pool is an intimate venue with a max capacity space of 74 people.  If the bar was a pool the Union Pool music space would be the pool shed.  The bar and the stage are connected by a courtyard with picnic tables for the smoker in you.  

The show sold out minutes before Team B hit the stage, which left a couple late arrivers out in the cold.  For those of us who were lucky enough to cram in the feeling in, the room was excitement, and eager anticipation to witness Team B’s very first show.  Despite the hectic confused feel that Team B portrayed in between songs, their sound was amazing.  Its as if you hop in an elevator and each floor is a different genre of song, and an entirely different world.  One of the best crowd pleasing songs of the night was “On My Mind”, an easy listening piece about getting love out of your head.  

Team B should consider their first show a success.


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