Standing In for Okkervil River

In Music on November 13, 2008 at 9:18 am

647769okkervildw1“The live music capital of the world”, known as Austin, Texas is home to indie rock band Okkervil River.  Ten years ago they formed and released their first album, Stars Too Small To Use and a year later played their first gig at Steamboat, located in Austin itself. Four albums, two split albums, and five EP’s later, Okkervil RIver released yet another notable album on shelves this past September of 2008.  The Stand Ins is a brilliantly planned second album to the group’s 2007 release of The Stage Names, which Pitchfork claimed as “one of the year’s best”.  The album covers, if placed vertical to one another, complete each other.  Will Sheff sings with such passion and the words sung are so eloquent that a book under their authorship would be necessary for your personal library.

To promote The Stand Ins, Okkervil River asked some of their friends to cover the band’s latest work.  The list includes Bird of Youth, Jack Ladder and Carl Newman of The New Pornographers. My personal favorite is “Blue Tulip” performed by Bon Iver. Check it out below; the remaining tracks can be found on youtube.


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