The Last Thing He Wanted

In Literature on November 22, 2008 at 4:31 pm









Joan Didion is an American essayist, journalist, and novelist whose writing career spans well over 40 years. Her style is consistent with many commas and quotations, ramblings and interrupting thoughts.  The Last Thing He Wanted, Didion’s 1996 novel serves as no opposition to the rule.  The story revolves around Elena McMahon, a reporter who quits her job after the death of her mother and ventures to be with her father who is in need of much care.  Somewhere in the process of doing a favor for her father, Elena becomes entangled in the position of an arm’s dealer for the United States government and finds herself in Central America unable to get herself back home.  

Although not one of her more praise-worthy novels, The Last Thing He Wanted is a fast paced and suspenseful read where conspiracy and paranoia lurk around every page.


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