Twilight: The Book

In Literature on November 26, 2008 at 9:27 am

twilightI picked up the first of this four book series 3 days ago, and within those 3 days I drank up those 498 pages like I had been trudging through the hot desert for months.  Stephenie Meyer has written an irresistible tale about two teenagers, one human, one vampire, and their love.  

The way Edward Cullen, the main vamp, protects Bella, the main human hits all those female parts hard. Meyer paints their love, trust, and acceptance of each other into a beautiful journey that floats off the page and into your mind so smoothly it cant be a book.  The story is equally exciting as it is mushy love stuff, from page one this story will have its grip on you.

Three years after Publishers Weekly claimed Stephenie Meyer the ” most promising author of 2005″ Stephenie has a best selling four book series, and a movie grossing over 70 million dollars in its first weekend in theaters.  The books are as big as the hype around them, pick up Twilight and see for yourself.


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