Broken English

In Screen on November 28, 2008 at 12:02 pm

Magnolia Pictures presents Zoe Cassevettes’ 2007 film debut Broken English, the delicate and absorbing, raw and honest story of a New York woman in her thirties stuck in a job she lacks heart for and tristful over the pursuit of love. The viewer empathizes with the harsh realities of a career oriented world where lovelessness remains a common theme. Parker Posey was incredibly casted in the leading role of Nora Wilder.  We see a different side to her, one other than the dry humored comedic gal. She embodies this character and portrays it with frankness and genuine morality.  At a co-workers party Nora meets Julien (Melvil Poupand), a frenchman who spends a weekend with her.

The title, Broken English,  describes not only the slight language barrier between the two but also the being of Nora herself as a discontented American. I loved it in a I “hope I’m not completely alone at 35, but what if I am alone at 35, then I’m not alone being the only one alone, and maybe I’ll meet a sexy french man, but most likely I won’t meet a sexy french man, and so I’m just going to take a spontaneous trip to Paris” kind of way.

  1. je t’áime Parker Posey. She is splendid. Can’t wait to see it.
    Thanks Magnet.

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