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Movie Highlight from 2008

In Screen on December 31, 2008 at 12:40 pm

Check out some of the best movies, from their movie genre, of 2008. 


1.Thriller: Let The Right One In

The Swedes make a movie about vampires that is unlike any other.  The film is beautifully done.

2.  Romance: Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This could possibly be one of the best movies of the year.  Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett are amazing.  

3. Drama: Elegy

An Isabel Coixet film where the idea of independent manhood is questioned by a sexual relationship gone serious.

4. Comedy: Hamlet 2

Seriously one of the funniest, most sacrilegious movies of 2008.  Steve Coogan, who plays Dana Marschz the struggling drama teacher, is a master at playing awkward.

5. Action: The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger gives a performance that will leave you with chills; he was the best Joker in Batman history (sorry Jack).  Aside from Christian Bales strange “Batman voice” the movie is a hit, certainly worth a place in your home theater collection.

6. Animated: Wall-E 

I never thought an animated movie could be so incredibly moving.  Wall-E tells one of the best love stories of 2008. With little words and amazing animation it is by far one of the best films from 2008.  

7. Foreign:  The Counterfeiters

It is a powerful film about a group of men in a concentration camp during World War II.  Based on the true story of the largest counterfeit project in the world to date.

8. Documentary:  Man on Wire

The gripping tale of a man who wants to walk between the twin towers in the air.  Phillipe Petit tells us about his amazing journey.



A Historical Boutique: Henri Bendel

In Fashion on December 30, 2008 at 12:59 pm

henri bendelhenri bendelHenri Bendel’s boutique opened in 1895 on New York Cities 5th avenue, which at that time was mostly residential to the cities most influential of high society.  It was and still remains a place where girls venture to browse for the latest in accessories, beauty products, and (oh, why not?) chocolates.  

The historic three story building was petitioned in the early 1990’s by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis herself to gain landmark status.  More than a century later it stands as a forerunner to boutiques all over the city.  Step inside from the chaos of NYC’s busy streets and get a glimpse into the world a hundred years ago.  

lohan leggingsFYI:  Henri Bendel is now exclusively selling Lindsay Lohan’s line of leggings called 6121 (it supposedly has something to do with Marilyn Monroe’s birthdate).

2008 Music Wrap up

In Music on December 29, 2008 at 1:37 pm

My 2008 Itunes playlist can keep me occupied for ceaseless hours.  It is an eclectic mix ranging from straight up dirty folk to electronic dance rage to some fine indie rock tunes and everything in or around.  As the year comes to an end lets stop and take a gander at some of the ridiculously awesome albums of 2008.  

January: MGMTOracular Spectacular, Electric Dance Rock music at its finest.  Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser started out rockin in school together and have basically exploded into an indie sensation.

Feburary: Hot Chip Made in The Dark, 13 tracks of electro dance goodness, these guys could get even the scroogiest of scrooges to bust a move on the dance floor.


Hot Chip

Hot Chip

March: The Dodos – Visiter, Not only are the lyrics poetically powerful but The DodosMeric Long, the lead singer, has an enchanting voice.  The guitar and drums are some of the best I have heard in a long time.



April: The Presets – Apacolypso, The best track off the new album is “Talk Like That.”  This group is blessed with the sexy skill of incorporating the organ into a sick dance floor track.


May:  Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid  18 years in the bizz, this might be their best album yet.  elbow






June:  Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes, their first full length album.  Self described as “baroque harmonic pop jams,” the quintet have created a beautiful, hauntingly poetic sound. 

July: Black Kids – Partie Traumatic, keep an eye on these kids, their indie rock tunes are going to be around for a while.blackkids

August: Lykki Li – lykkeliYouth Novels, The Swede’s first album is a smash.  17 tracks full of amazing lyrics, beats, and rock.  We love her.

September:  TV On The Radio – Dear Science, The 16 track album (including remixes, and some bonus tracks) follows the feel of previous TV On The Radio albums but sounds more refined and refreshing. 

October: Of Montreal Skeletal Lamping, They are not from Montreal, but rather from Athens, Georgia.  Either way they know how to entertain.  “Of Montreal will never get ya down” 

November: The Sound of The Smiths, 2 Discs of The Smiths, thesmithswhat more could you want?  Oh wait, theres a 12 minute video on there too.  Formed in 1982 this collection of tunes is the best of the best, making it the 5th compilation album of The Smiths to date.





December: Cat Power Dark End Of The Street, The Queen of smokey blues numbers, Cat Power, brings us an EP of six tracks recorded during her Jukebox sessions, four of which are previously unpublished.


In Art on December 29, 2008 at 12:57 pm


Moved to tears, I sit with my eyes unable to blink in fear of missing even a second of the brilliance that lay before me.  The stage opens on set of an old theater house where Mama Rose has entered her girls in a talent contest.   From city to city, town to town they travel with dreams of Stardom.  

Running two hours and 30 minutes, the play never once leaves you antsy.  Gypsy’s stellar cast, including Laura Benanti and Boyd Gaines, satisfies your eyes and ears.  The dynamism of Patti LuPone in the broadway revival Gypsy beckoned a standing ovation at numerous times throughout the performance.  Her stage presence was devastatingly poignant, well deserving of the 2008 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.  The St. James Theatre in NYC’s Times Square, home of the first uncut broadway production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the original Oklahoma!,  has been hosting the award winning play since March.

Blonde Redhead

In Music on December 27, 2008 at 4:10 pm

Blonde Redhead was started by Kazu Makino, Maki Takahashi and twin brothers Simone Pace and Amedeo Pace in 1993.  Shortly after the band released their first album Maki Takahashi left the band, and then there were three.  blonderedheadI had the privilege of seeing Blonde Redhead two summers ago at Randall’s Island.  Their set was by far one of the best of the night. These three know how to rock.  Half way through a song Kazu Makino will put down her guitar and take over the drums all while continuing to provide the sickest of vocals.  

Their music has been compared to that of Sonic Youth, but in my opinion they are one of a kind.  Kazu Makino’s eerily high pitched voice creates a sound like none other, and I like it.  Blonde Redhead’s 7th and most recent album, “23” came out in 2007 and is still creating buzz.  They are scheduled to play a New Years eve show at the Terminal 5.  If you enjoy a great performance, incredibly beautiful music, and a rocking good time then a ticket to see Blonde Redhead is an excellent choice to ring in the New Year.