Everything is Borrowed

In Music on December 15, 2008 at 9:40 am

The Streets  looking precarious

Birmingham, England is home to Mike Skinner the rapper and garage musician better known as The Streets.  He began writing and recording songs in a makeshift studio he built in his bedroom at the age of 15.  His first album Original Pirate Material was wildly acclaimed in the UK and was nominated for the 2001 Mercury Music Prize, Best Album, Best Urban Act, and best breakthrough artist.  Skinner was not as well received in the US but found a small following in the underground indie scene.  

The Streets lyricizes literally and often figuratively on politics both personal as well as global.  The fourth album Everything is Borrowed has been out on shelves since September of this year and holds true to his originality.  The album is a soliloquy of peaceful and harmonious contemplation.  I personally love the use of trumpet on the 6th track, entitled “On the Edge of a Cliff.”    

Mike Skinner is currently working on a fifth album Computers and Blues, which he says will be “dancing music to drink tea to.”  I’m excited to find out what that even means.  Keep an eye out for it in the next two years.


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