“I’m Easier Said Than Done”

In Literature on December 16, 2008 at 9:33 am

Derrick C. BrownHow many former paratroopers do you know who write poetry?  Of those who said yes, how many were actually good at it?  Derrick C. Brown is a man of many hats and a man of many words and his poetic phrasing definitely demands an awestruck pause.  His 2003 collection of poems entitled I’m Easier Said Than Done resonates with the inner scramblings of our souls and the illogical struggle of our minds.  The elegiac assemblage won the 2004 California Independent Book Critics Award.  In that same year Derrick C. Brown founded Write Bloody Publishing, which is now located in Los Angeles, New York City, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Derrick C. Brown has also been the lead singer/songwriter of John Wilkes’ Kissing Booth and All Black Cinema.  

From CD release to book publication, Derrick C. Brown is a magician of words.  His poetry is silly yet pensive, frank yet elusive.  You will find him touring the NYC area in January between the 12th and the 17th.  Check out his website for specific venues.

  1. I am going to catch him at bar 13 on the 12th of jan
    and then on the 13th at the bowery
    and then on the 16th at the norwood in manhatten with that
    violinist lady, caitlin moe and someone else.

  2. Catch him every chance you get. He is a rare soul. You will return home from his show not only buzzed, but deeply inspired.

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