Gilbert & George

In Art on December 19, 2008 at 11:23 am

gilbert and george

The living and singing sculptural duo, Gilbert and George have been creating art since the late 60’s while the two were still studying in London at the University of the Arts.   Upon meeting, the two had a compelling attraction that molded one highly controversial and innovative unit that has been internationally acclaimed.  They made a name for themselves in 1969 for their project, “The Singing Sculpture”,  where the two stood on a table, covered their heads and hands, and sang the popular WWII song  “Underneath The Arches” by Flannagan and Allen.  After that they were asked to recreate this experience, sometimes standing and singing for eight hours or more.  Gilbert and George, based on these performances, decided to film their living sculpture projects to reach a broader population.  They currently reside in London’s East End and many of the images used in their art work is taken from the neighborhood surrounding them.


Tate Modern of London has organized a retrospective by the awarded duo and the Brooklyn Museum will be hosting the exhibit through January 11th, which marks over twenty years of Gilbert and George’s work.


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