You Just Might Catch Yourself Wearing this in 2009

In Fashion on January 19, 2009 at 9:44 am

A new year brings new fashion trends.  Here are a few of the things you just might catch yourself wearing in 2009, even if you are the type to exclaim, “Oh, I would never wear that.”


Oscar de la Renta Spring 2009Cork Accessaries- No, we aren’t wearing wine bottle corks on a necklace chain (although we may be on to something) but clutches and shoes with cork detail are all the rage!

Forever 21


Let your pants sag- Instead of wearing your waste line low bring it up and allow your crotch to appear like it hangs at your knees.


Colored mascara- I know, I know it is so 80’s but you just might!


Leotards- No lie, the leotard is back and begging to be warn under those high wasted skirts and pants.




High waters- high-watersCropped pants are no longer just for the girls or for the boys that clam dig.  

Not so buttoned up- It may seem a bit 70’s disco-esque but it’s time to loosen up those buttons, the lower you button the better.  Also, you’ll find more mens cotton T-shirts in a much lower cut V-neck.  Let the chest hair blow in the wind!

shoe patchesShoe Patches-  Time to brush up on your cross stitch.  When your shoes begin to wear this year grab the needle and thread. Patch away! Apparently the economy is in rough shape or something.


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