Beautiful Boy

In Literature on February 4, 2009 at 2:41 pm

beautiful_boyThis is the kind of book I want to read all the time.  It’s real life at your finger tips, people striving to find meaning and truth in their lives, scraping to overcome hurdles and love that overcomes.  

“I rage against his struggle and pain and how his addiction has caused so much pain in our lives -ours,his- and I am also filled with boundless love for him, the miracle of Nic…”

Drugs have been a part of Nic’s life since he was 12, but its not until he is 18 that it becomes very obvious he has a problem.  David Scheff, Nic’s father and the author of Beautiful Boy, tells Nic’s story.  Beautiful Boy is raw and the hope and love that Scheff express for Nic is heartbreaking.  Nic’s journey takes the reader in and out of rehab, on the streets, on the run, and leaves us with a feeling of desperation to know what happens next.  From the east coast to the west coast Nic’s addiction leaves its mark on everyone in his life.  Anyone who has ever loved an addict, is an addict (recovering or using) or knows about addiction will find this book twisting and pulling at their heart over and over again.


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