Loney Dear is Out with Another One

In Music on February 8, 2009 at 11:53 am


There must be something in the water because Sweden appears to be the mecca for stellar folk indie pop bands.  Loney Dear  started pumping out tunes in the early 2000s which caught buzz on the blogosphere and eventually led to Loney Dear’s primary member Emil Svanängen’s  contract at Sub Pop.  Released January 27th, Dear John is the second full length album on the new label, and is sure to beat the sophomore slump that plagues the music industry.  The album’s sound is unique and intriguing, as well as playful.  Its wistful tunes make me long for warm summer nights and car rides along the water.  

The band stopped in New York on their tour with Andrew Bird and played a set at Union Hall last saturday.  They are promoting the new album, so don’t get your hopes up to hear many of their old favorites, but if you have given Dear, John a listen you will not be disappointed.  There are no future dates for Loney Dear’s return to NYC, but our fingers are crossed.


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