On The Road

In Literature on February 10, 2009 at 9:04 am

Jack Kerouac (on the right) with Neal Cassady

One of the most influential American writers from the 20th century is Jack Kerouac, a fore-father to the Beat Generation of the 50’s where jazz, poetry, and substance experimentation were key inspirations. These components, along with friends and the cities and towns of the US of A, form Kerouac’s ever famous work.  Semi-autobiographical in nature, On The Road was written in just three weeks and upon publication in 1957 was raved and exulted as one of the clearest and most important novels of Kerouac’s generation.  

The journey begins when Dean Moriarty (said to be Neal Cassady) comes to New York City to visit Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) and the two venture off on what is described as “life on the road”.  Though some of the slang may be dated the story is timeless in the search for meaning of life, humanity and the trials of a passionate friendship. 

Besides inspiring countless novels and movies, On The Road serves as a flame to the inner adventurer in all of us.

  1. Relevant to anyone who’s heart desires to be free. Classic indeed!!!

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