Le Roi se meurt

In Art on February 19, 2009 at 7:05 pm

exit-the-kingExit The King, Le Roi se meurt, is an absurdist drama about King Berenger the First’s struggle to come to terms with his 400 year reign coming to an end.  Berenger was at one point able to command nature and force his will upon others, but when the audience meets Berenger he has been made aware that death is around the corner, his powers are slowly dwindling and his kingdom is falling.

 Exit the King sets itself apart from “the Berenger Cycle” in that as the play progresses the characters start to dwindle, where in every other play by Euguene Ionesco  progression leads to more and more characters and objects on stage.  Ionesco has said he wrote Exit the King while he was sick and frightened of death which could atone for its break away from the avant-garde and its lean more towards the classical.

March marks the play’s limited engagement back on Broadway.  Under the direction of Neil Armfield and music by John Rodgers, stars like Geoffrey Rush, Susan Sarandon, Lauren Ambrose and Andrea Martin are sure to make the 14 week engagement one you don’t want to miss.


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