Tigercity on Tour

In Music on February 23, 2009 at 9:18 am

tigercitySince its opening in November, Webster Hall’s Studio has become a hot joint. Friday nights at the Studio are filled with indie dancing fiends and February 20th was no exception. Operahouse, an indie-alt band from London, opened up the night setting the tone for Brooklyn’s own Tigercity. Fans were plenty and the band’s guitar-driven, electro-pop tunes were met with liveliness. “Powerstripe”, “Fake Gold”, and (finally!) “Are You Sensation” were and are a sure guarantee that your “body keeps on moving”, whether it’s a full out dance off or an uncontrollable eye brow twitch. tigercity

The Tigercity tour stretches across the U.S. of A. and will end mid April, for their first European show, in Poland.  Bill Gillim, the lead singer and the wearer of one intense beard (one that grows longer and fuller at every appearance), was kind enough to answer a few questions before the band hit the road. 

How did you guys come up with the name Tigercity?

“The name comes from a dream that Andrew had about being held as a sex slave in a city run by gay cat people. “

What were you guys doing before Tigercity?

“Joel and I were living in western Massachusetts. I was playing in a band called Bears, Joel was in a band called The Debras.  Andrew was in Chile eating hotdogs covered with guacamole and mayonnaise and playing in a metal band.  And I think Aynsley was touring around Europe with his dad’s band Wishbone Ash.”

Hailing from Brooklyn, do you have a favorite hot spot?

“My favorite place to eat a hamburger is Roebling Tea Room.”
Do You have a favorite Venue to play in?
“I love playing Bowery or Williamsburg Music Hall.  They sound awesome, and the people who work there are always really good to us.   We played The Studio on the first night it was open, and it was great.”


Any noteable band routines before a show?

“Pretty much the only constant before a show is drinking whiskey.  Though, I’ve cut way down on that ever since a show in Austin where I was too drunk and couldn’t remember the words or tune to the first song, and then ended up hiding behind my keyboard in shame.  The other guys are a little better at handling the whiskey routine.”

How is the new album coming?  Last time we saw you at The Studio you were taking suggestions from the crowd for a name, have you nailed one down? 

“The new record is finished.  We’re really happy with it.  We’re still working on a title, but I can guarantee that it won’t be called “Sexual Dad” (no matter what our producer says).”

Should we expect the same vibe from Pretend Not to Love to be on the new album and when will it be out for the public?  

“The new record is pretty different from Pretend Not To Love.  I would say it’s darker and louder.  It’s still got a lot of the same feel as the ep, but we worked with a different producer (Chuck Brody), who helped us expand our sound.  You can still dance to most of it though.”
“Not sure exactly when it will come out.  We’re still deciding whether we’re going to work with a label or release it on our own.” 
  1. Good interview! I still think they should go with “sexual dad” though.

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