Boom Boom Pajama Party with Les Savy Fav

In Music on March 16, 2009 at 6:25 pm

les-savy-favNotorious for their incredibly entertaining live show, Les Savy Fav (pronounced Lay Sahvee Fahv) played to a packed Brooklyn Masonic Temple last Friday the 13th. Perched on the second floor balcony I watched the crowd quickly turn into wild moshing fools, twenty somethings bashed into one another while lead singer Tim Harrington undressed himself on stage out of his nightgown down to his light purple “granny panties”.  Seth Jabour (guitar),  Andrew Reuland (guitar), Syd Butler (bass) and Harrison Haynes (drums) are all extremely talented musicians and bring a great balance to the crazy antics of the bands lead singer.  Even if the particular music style doesn’t suit your fancy, a show with Les Savy Fav in the lineup is worth the money for the experience alone.




  1. I’m listening to “Let’s Stay Friends” right now. Such an awesome album, I can only imagine how great this show must’ve been. Tim Harrington is a madman.

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