Crooked Disco Meets Project Jenny Project Jan

In Music on April 3, 2009 at 4:27 pm


There is no denying the satisfaction of free drinks, good DJs and  live music.  Last Saturday at Public Assembly (in the space that used to be Galapagos) Project Jenny Project Jan hit the stage two hours later than expected but made up for it in sick dance tunes.  Jeremy Haines (vocals) and Sammy Rubin (master of electro beats, DJ) both hail from Brooklyn and are the duo that is Project Jenny Project Jan.  Their “Colors EP,” set to be released April 14th, has a very eclectic sound.  From reggae-tone to salsa,  “groovy” rap  to 90’s pop the album can seem some what schizophrenic in its music genre but if you are one of those people that “likes all kinds of music” then Project Jenny Project Jan is your jam.  The band closed down their set last saturday with “Brooklyn,” a show tune style track claiming “its always sunny in Brooklyn, without a cloud in the sky.”


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